A Snow White Twist

          Not all fairytales have happy endings. That’s the truth. If anything is thought otherwise, be wary. Those people are delusional and live in their own little worlds, always thinking the best of everyone despite the blatant reality surrounding them.
          Who am I to tell you this? How could I possibly be so judgmental or downright hateful? I live in the real world, sweetheart. Where good doesn’t always triumph evil, the princesses find out their prince charmings are gay, and life keeps moving on whether the lost princess takes back the throne or dies trying.
          Yes, it sucks. That’s the essence of life. Still in denial? I’m immortal and have had the chance to witness many lives. The story stays the same all across the board.

I may as well get on with my story.

You can call me Nexa.

Don’t remember that name from fairy tales?

That’s because my real name is Snow White.


NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This will only be a two-part series. You'll love the new twists.

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