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Arbedenion Chronicles

Vampires have ventured out of their caves in the north to wreak havoc on the peaceful races. Their queen will brutally slaughter thousands and push the races to extinction if something isn't done. Someone must rise above the masses and lead in the war against the Vampires as members of each race tell their nightmarish journey to their uncertain fate.
Shadow Blossom official cover for Kindle
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NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Written at fifteen-years-old and published some years later, this series will be receiving an overhaul. The characters, settings, and most events will remain the same.

          The Dragonscale, Shadow Blossom, and Strangers from Enamyre will be rewritten and merged into a single tome called Dragons of Blood & Iron. Spin-off series and more tales regarding the character Shadow Blossom herself will be continued. There are currently twelve other titles planned.

          There is currently no timeframe or completion date at this time.

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