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Meroq Corp Chronicles

Enter a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies, vampires, and dragon shifters.

Dragon shifters are hunted and harvested for their blood to create a "cure all" vaccine. Many vaccinations go horribly wrong and the rich populace retreat into secure areas named sectors, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Despite the apocalyptic environment, several survive, but with new challenges at every turn, there's no promise of seeing the next sunrise.


Featured in the Coffins & Dragons anthology hosted by Dragon Soul Press.

          In the right place at the right time, Kezia takes a mentally handicapped redheaded woman under her wing. Scarcely surviving the sectors and monstrous creatures on a daily basis, she refuses to admit defeat. When they cross paths with an ex-soldier, it's only downhill from there.

Can they survive or will Kezia face an ultimatum?


Featured in the Dragons and Mages boxset hosted by Pauline Creeden.

          When Major Drisy Hughes is transferred to guard the Meroq Corp labs, she's mortified by what she discovers. Drawn to protect the dragon shifters from slaughter, her efforts could be futile. What if she loses everything in the process?

After meeting Liam, the answer becomes clear.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This series will consist of four novellas and one novel.
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