• J.E. Feldman

Review of "Blood of Midgard" by Z. Xolton

Deliciously dark and wicked, I devoured the Blood of Midgard collection in one sitting. It's a collection of short stories and novelettes that appear to be retellings of fairytales at first glance. You'll never see the plot twists coming.

The character and world development are phenomenal. The author weaves words together so eloquently that it paints a vivid picture to the point that you forget it's just words printed on the page (or screen).

It's too difficult for me to pick just one favorite from this collection because they all took me by storm. If you love darker fantasy woven with romance, read Blood of Midgard. Leave your thoughts in the comments so we can gush about it together.

It goes without saying that this book receives five stars for this review.

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