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April Book Releases & Updates

All proceeds from sales go directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Every copy purchased is one to step closer to saving a life.

Choosing a charity very close to her heart, international bestselling author J.E. Feldman presents a collection of poetry addressing the hidden struggles people face to survive depression, anxiety, grief, and other serious emotions in order to raise awareness and funds to continue providing free help to those in need.

Become someone's bright light in the dark by joining the cause for only $0.99 today!


Gloria is tasked with training a fallen angel for their new role of reaper. It’s extremely rare for them to fall from grace, so she has limitless questions. But they get off on the wrong foot right away.

Max struggles through his new tasks. He can’t recall what his crime was, but being a reaper seems like his personal hell. After his experience as a guardian angel, he has a difficult time watching humans die.

When a mission goes awry, the duo are brought before a judge. Will they be retired because their last chance has been used up?


Do you know how hard it is to kidnap someone? I may be the royal thief for Koic Kingdom, but the queen’s usual requests are inanimate objects. Until now. I’m not sure what she wants with the Galebird prince, but it’s not my job to ask questions.

Join me as I drag the prince with me back to Koic, only to be waylaid by barbarians and other inconveniences along the way. We connect over his tortured past and my humble beginning, both forced to serve the crown.

That’s when I discovered he is a thief as well. Can I steal back my heart before I hand him over?


Join the hunt...

Various monsters plague the worlds these characters live in. Hunters rise up or are hired to protect the general populace. From monsters of old to newly devised spawns of chaos, there's something for everyone in these nineteen tales.

Featuring stories from S.J. Walker, Sean E. Britten, Ian C. Douglas, Robin Brown, Andrei-Ion Ghircoias, Mario Caric, Jess Monica, Frank Sawielijew, Barend Nieuwstraten III, D.L. Lewellyn, Annie Snow, Kelly Barker, Tim Newton Anderson, Ourliazo Tap, J. VanZile, Pat O'Malley, and J.E. Feldman.


Book Updates

  • Preorder anthologies: Flowers for You | Rogue Waves | Pirate Legends | Soul Ink: V2

  • Collateral will be submitted to the Malice anthology with Dragon Soul Press.

  • Rogue of the North is available to buy early and has an audiobook version. This short story takes place in Enamyre, a realm bordering the north of Arbedenion.

  • Poetry by J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane has been submitted to the Soul Ink: Volume Two anthology with Dragon Soul Press.

  • Trophy will be featured in the Rogue Waves anthology with Dragon Soul Press.

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