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May Book Releases & Updates

One hundred perfect words. A thousand heartfelt emotions.

For Mother’s Day and all year-round, we at the Romance Café are shouting about this collection of perfect, bite-sized celebrations of moms, mums, mas, mothers and other caring figures in your life.These 100 word stories celebrate the many different ways that carers show their love, from the everyday acts of kindness to the sacrifices they make for their children.

Warning: may cause a sniffle or three.


Gabbi Powell, Gabbi Black, Trinity Wood, Kaje Harper, Tami Winbush, L Mad Hildebrandt, Hannah McKee, Lisa Gwizdala-Cody, Alexa Santi, Cara North, Sonja Flowers, Michelle Mars, Tori Fields, Rhianon Ruby, Elaine Reed, Danika Bloom, A. Boss, Niki Brazen, DL Gallie, Mila Chase, Debra Deasey, Susan Horsnell, Jeanna Louise Skinner, Cecelia Conway, Suki McMinn, Annee Jones, Gabbi Grey, J.E. Feldman, Kathleen Ryder, Sarah Stein, Angela Kady, MacKade, Heather Osborne, Harper Michaels, Sofia Aves, Bonnie Poirier, Ryleigh Sloan, Niki Trento, Yolanda Olson, Sera Taíno, Kat Long, Katherine Moore, Melissa Kendall, LoLo Paige, Aurelia Foxx, Krithika, Vanesa L. Perillo, G.R. LeBlanc, Jade Glas, Brianna Malotke, Tori Fields, and Sarah Henderson.


Rogue prefers his quiet life in the mountains. He takes the occasional contracted job to put food on the table. Hunters have been disappearing or turning up dead lately and Rogue is determined to find the source. When he's offered a hunting job with a reward that seems too good to be true, he cautiously accepts.

With his white bear companion, they set off. He ends up crossing paths with an old friend turned enemy who tried to murder him years ago. Tension soars as Rogue investigates and attempts to complete the hunting job before anyone else.


Pirates, mermaids, monsters, oh my!

The depths of the ocean hold many untold secrets. Some are beautiful tales of mermaids who ride seahorses, and others are massive monsters bent on destroying every ship crossing its path.

Featuring sixteen stories by the following authors: Stephen A. Roddewig, Robin Kelly, Robin Brown, Ed Teja, Paul Lonardo, Arlo Z. Graves, Christopher Pate, Kelly Barker, Sean E. Britten, Mae Thorn, J. VanZile, Laura Q. Jimenez, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Jared Thomason, and J.E. Feldman.


Book Updates

  • Preorder anthologies: Pirate Legends | Soul Ink: V2 | Fairy Rites

  • Collateral has been submitted to the Malice anthology with Dragon Soul Press. Mike Bishop has been trying to arrest a renowned drug boss for years. After many false leads, it looks like he'll finally get the chance. But the organization is tired of Bishop's interferences and has a plan of their own. Will Bishop manage to survive or will he 'disappear' like the investigators before him?

  • The Crown is featured in the Fairy Rites anthology with Dragon Soul Press. The competition for the Crown of Stars is about to commence and Lenia's friend convinced her to participate. Who will claim it for themselves and be the next fairy ruler?

  • Poetry by J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane will be in the Soul Ink: Volume Two anthology with Dragon Soul Press.

  • Watery Graves by J.E. Feldman will release on June 7th. When a strange scale is discovered in a nearby lake she regularly swims in, Esther Montgomery panics. How could she be so foolish?

  • Lost Wishes by J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane will release on July 16th. This is a collection of poetry.

  • Summer Dreams by J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane will release on July 23rd. This is a collection of poetry.

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