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Jan. Book Releases & Updates

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

New Release

Don't stand between a woman and her dragon. Dragons infiltrate society in these tales. From belittled office workers harboring scaly secrets, monster hunts, fiery queens of millennia past, and dragons hoarding more than gold. These eleven stories will sweep you off your feet with nostalgic adventures of a lifetime. Yasmine Learns to Fly by J.C. Murray Questing for Creatures by Elyse Kallen Miss Haversmith Appreciates by Kirsty Mackay The Dragon's Eye by Chad A.B. Wilson Dragon Marked by Charity Ayres Reach Your Heart by Jo Niederhoff One Whisker by Barend Nieuwstraten III Heaven by Rose McClary Amaya and Umber by L. Jade Fireborn by Clint Foster Dragon Blood by J.E. Feldman

Book Updates

  • Stroke of Midnight is a poetry anthology by Vanessa Bane & J.E. Feldman. It releases on Feb. 28th and all proceeds go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

  • Crave is a drabble collection by Zari Hunt & J.E. Feldman. It releases on March 21st.

  • Broken is a short story by J.E. Feldman featured in Everlast by Dragon Soul Press. It releases on March 30th. This story is related to Inferno featured in History. Preorder coming soon.

  • Fantasia is a novella by J.E. Feldman with a tentative release date in April. More details coming soon.

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