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December Book Releases & Updates

When fairy Queen Vazra's daughter is taken for human experimentation, the fairies of the Elder Oak awaken all Faerikyn to face a war. By doing this, all fairies become infected from human contact when Princess Zana manages to return home.

Finding herself shunned from her own kind, Zana follows the human road away from town and finds someone that takes her in. After gaining her trust, the princess reveals everything to her new friend.

As Zana begins combat training, the fairies are overtaken by rage and murder everyone in the nearby town. Their anger spreads like a wildfire into other nearby towns until there is hardly anyone left alive in their region.

At last, her mentor concludes her training and says she must search for the fairy queen. Will Zana find the courage to kill her own crazed mother to stop the Faerikyn apocalypse, or will she stay hidden with her mentor for the rest of her days?


Winter is here.

The cheer is spread far and wide this holiday season. Join these characters as they find love, navigate family drama, and discover what Christmas means to them. Will they all get the happy ending they yearn for?

Featuring eighteen stories by Patsy Pratt-Herzog, Mimi Heverin, James C. Stewart, Ken Sutherland, Wendy Harrison, Katie Kent, Frank Lee Howe, Katie Fitzgerald, Marco Etheridge, Edgar Mahaffey, Patricia Miller, Robert Boyd, Z.M. Renick, Iren Adams, K.M. Hasling, Jennifer Strassel, Cathy Seddon and Douglas Allen Gohl.


Lena’s family is insufferable, leaving her to hire a date for the major holidays. By New Year’s, she and Mark are comfortable fooling them. But the family’s derogatory comments continue and the tension continues to rise. As if things couldn’t get worse, Mark asks for their dating contract to be canceled.

Can the holiday be saved or will it crash and burn?


Book Updates

  • Preorder anthologies: Dragons & Heroes | Digital Love | Flowers for You

  • Colosseum has been submitted to Across Time anthology with Dragon Soul Press. Recently orphaned Maribel chooses to escape through her family's heirloom, but puts her life on the line advocating for dragon rights.

  • Angelic Reaper has been submitted to Fallen anthology with Dragon Soul Press. When Gloria is assigned a fallen angel to train as a reaper, their personalities clash and it has little to do with their age differences.

  • Rogue has been submitted to The Hunt anthology with Dragon Soul Press. Rogue begrudgingly takes a job with a bounty that's too good to be true. He ends up crossing paths with a hunter from his past and tensions soar.

  • Trophy has been submitted to Rogue Waves anthology with Dragon Soul Press. After losing her entire shoal, Esther moves north and tries to make a life for herself. Unfortunately, she trusts the wrong person and ends up on the auction block.

  • J.E. Feldman upcoming solo releases: A Fiery Fate (Jan. 31), Angel of Death (March 31), Rogue of the North (May 15), Watery Graves (June 7), Of Death and Crowns #1 (TBA 2024)

  • Feldman and Vanessa Bane upcoming releases: Thorns & Roses #1 (Jan. 20), Stars & Flames #2 (Feb. 20), Fury & Ruin #3 (March 20), Lost Wishes (July 16), Summer Dreams (July 23)

  • Zari Hunt upcoming solo releases: Scarlet's Wolves (TBA 2024), Wolf Song #1 (TBA 2025), Wolf Soul #2 (TBA 2026)

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