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June Book Releases & Updates

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

New Releases

The stars align perfectly sometimes.

From librarians to vampires, true love can seem difficult to organically come across. But it can also sneak up on you faster than one of Cupid’s arrows. Whether or not you choose to pursue it is ultimately your decision. Just keep in mind that everyone should take a chance on love like these characters.

Falling by Katie Jordan

The After-Hours Dating Service by David W. Landrum

Your Brain for My Lips by Katie Kent

Blood Moon by Alyce Elmore

Goblin by Simone Solon

Havoc by Mira Bell

Right Between the Eyes by Kacey Black


Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these thirty authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!


Book Updates

  • The Queen of Death novel is in edits and the cover along with the lengthy summary was revealed in the Facebook group to celebrate. The cover and title are subject to changes before publication. The second book in the series is currently being written.

  • Valor is an Asian fantasy adventure anthology by Dragon Soul Press that releases on July 30th.

  • You Have a Choice by J.E. Feldman will be featured in the Beautiful Darkness: Volume 1 anthology by Dragon Soul Press. Monster hunters arrive too late to help local law enforcement fend off an attack. As the duo investigates the gruesome scene, one stumbles across a deadly secret. He’s given the choice of a quick death or a hunt through the dark forest. Can he survive?

  • Rewrites and edits to Fantasia will be done this month. It will publish in either August or September as planned.

  • Hunted was accepted into a boxset called A Song of Wings and Witchery hosted by Iron Faerie Publishing. It will publish in late October.

  • Age of Artifice is a steampunk anthology by Dragon Soul Press that is available for preorder and releases on August 30th.

  • Haunt is a horror anthology by Dragon Soul Press that's available for preorder and releases on September 30th. This features Just Another Job by J.E. Feldman. A disgruntled, middle-aged Robert Cline got the short end of the stick in his nasty divorce. He accepts a janitorial job at a research facility that is deadlier than he bargained for.

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