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March Book Releases & Updates

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

New Releases

Time travel romance…

Romance can be difficult, even before adding the complications of time travel to the equation. These unlikely couples find themselves from separate timelines in history, but cross paths due to unforeseen circumstances.

Will their love survive against all odds? Thicker Than Water by Lincoln Reed

Shifting Sands by Rosetta Yorke

The Chasquis by Jen Ross

Phantasms of the Past by Helen Mihajlovic

Waiting for You by Jo Niederhoff

Broken by J.E. Feldman


International bestselling authors Zari Hunt and J.E. Feldman presents a wolfish collection of drabbles. From skinwalkers to shapeshifters, serial killers to vigilantes, this cast of characters are in for a hairy ride. Whether the wolf lifestyle was chosen or forced, they will navigate through trial and error. Some leave carnage in their wake while others use their abilities for the good of society.

These drabbles are not for the faint of heart.

Purchase today at your own risk.


Book Updates

  • Surge by Dragon Soul Press is an anthology that releases on April 30th.

  • The Loch Legend is a short story by J.E. Feldman featured in Beyond Atlantis by Dragon Soul Press. It releases on May 30th.

  • Organic Ink: Volume 5 is the final poetry anthology in the Organic Ink series by Dragon Soul Press. It releases in June and features poems by J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane.

  • The Lethal Queen Trilogy morphed from short stories to a three-part novel. It has been accepted into an upcoming list-aim Limited Edition Anthology and will delay the series' original release date. Stay tuned.

  • Rent A Date is a Limited Edition Anthology that is available for preorder now. It focuses on four main holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and Valentine's Day. This book will only be available Nov. 20 to Feb. 18.

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