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November Book Releases & Updates

Countless lives at stake.

While residing in Zephon, Maya struggles with her loyalty to the Archangels. They are all she’s ever known. But as more evidence of their treachery is presented, she finds herself wavering. Especially as she grows more attached to Samael, Zephon's fearless leader.

Unlikely alliances.

Crossing ley lines has never been more dangerous as Maya helps Zephon retrieve supplies from other civilizations. The universe is larger than she expected with limitless possibilities. No matter where they run, the Archangels will hunt them down mercilessly.

The final battle is about to begin. Who will be the victor?

Malice of Angels is a sci-fi fantasy with a dash of romance. It is the sequel to Quest of Angels.


Need a date? Rent one!

It’s downright suffocating to attend family events without bringing a date along. Want to skip those condemning interrogations? Need someone to answer the difficult questions about marriage and kids? Look no further. Our date options are seasoned veterans when it comes to handling overzealous family members. Avoid the conflict and rent a date today!

This limited edition collection focuses on four main holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. All stories follow the Rent A Date theme with unique twists.

Featuring the following stories and authors:

Hired by the Mountain Man by Bonnie Poirier

A Boyfriend for Christmas by Pandora Snow

Matched by Mistletoe by Megan Ryder

Faking It With Archie by Danielle Jacks

As You Wish by Kimberly Ann

Attraction by Zari Hunt & J.E. Feldman

Kiss Me At Midnight by Lexi Ostrow

Hearts and Flowers by Katherine Moore

Wine, Dine, but Never Mine by Ashley Amy

Rent Me While You Can by Britney Bell

Mr. Aquarius by Jo Bradley


The ups and downs mean you’re alive.

Sometimes, life knocks you down and it gets harder to pick yourself back up. Whether it’s for family, friends or themselves, these realistic characters continue on. The rollercoaster of life is harsh to them, but they persevere in their own ways.

Stories by Toni Mobley, Laura Ruth Loomis, Katie Kent, Douglas Allen Gohl, Deborah Henley, and J.E. Feldman.


London, Year 1554.

Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen, faces execution on February 12th. In a twist of events, Queen Mary pardons her and spirits her away to live a harsh life in the Americas with a new husband. Devastatingly shipwrecked before their destination, foreign winged creatures kill most of their remaining crew.

After narrowly avoiding a public death, will Jane end up dying in unknown lands? She didn't get this far to let a second chance at life slip through her fingers without a fight.


Book Updates

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