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October Book Releases & Updates

New Releases

Ain't no damsels here!

It's time to flip the script. Instead of knights in shining armor, we've got daring divas, bad-ass babes, and powerful princesses, all with one mission - to rescue the dudes in distress. Whatever mess the men have gotten themselves into, these strong female protagonists are ready to take the reins and handle it. But can the men handle them?

Featured Stories:

His Last Shot by Anja Raney

Still Waters, Sharp Teeth by Kate Seger

Distress in the Dispensary by Angela Nicole Chu

Shift Happens by Ariel Dawn & Margo Bond Collins

Carixa by Kat Parrish

Queen’s Revenge by J.E. Feldman

Hard at Work by Linda Marie Pankow

Prince Dusk by Thomas Van Boening

Of Cloaks and Shadows by Lore Nicole


Craving a good scare?

One man gambles away years of his life. Another traps an unsuspecting demon girl. A woman fights the urge to feed...and fails. An annoyed homeowner wants to be rid of a poltergeist. The fed-up museum tour guide gives hellhounds a dozen human snacks. An escapee from hell gets hunted. Filming zombies rising from graves goes horribly wrong. A skinwalker gets caught and chooses its next victim. A funeral is interrupted by the dead man himself. And an oak tree kills anyone that disturbs a grave it guards.

Prepare to be grossed out by the graphic imagery accompanying each of these drabbles. Read at your own risk and pick up your copy today.


Ghosts, demons, and more monsters.

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

Featuring 22 stories by the following 20 authors: Natalya Monyok, Trisha Slay, Michael Raff, John S. Aissis, Katie Jordan, Toni Mobley, Justin Rulton, Barend Nieuwstraten III, J.E. Cearlock, Gregory Scott Matics, Elizabeth Stanley, Melody Alice, E.B. Hunter, Warren Benedetto, Karin Becht, Kelly Piner, Charles Kyffhausen, John W. Salvage, Ellie A. Goss, and J.E. Feldman.


A Song of Wings and Witchery brings together tantalizing tales of paranormal romance in this epic collection of enthralling books penned by bestselling and award-winning authors.

Ever Avarice

N.D. Testa

Faedra Rose

Jade Marshall

L.E. Holloway

J.E. Feldman

K M Jackways

Annee Jones

Mary Duke

Raven Trix

Sapphire Winters

Theda Vallee

Melinoe Black

Chrissie Angel


Book Updates

  • Thirteen books had freebies for five days, launching most of them to #1 on Amazon.

  • J.E. Feldman will be featured in Hexes and Ohs, a limited edition anthology from Romance Café Publishing. The release date is slated for October 2023.

  • Malice of Angels by J.E. Feldman is slated for a November/December 2022 release. It's the sequel to Quest of Angels. There will be more books in the QOA universe, but no direct continuations.

  • Rent a Date is on preorder and will release Nov. 20. The anthology features Attraction by J.E. Feldman and Zari Hunt.

  • Life At Its Best is on preorder and will release Nov. 30. The Dragon Soul Press anthology features Black Sheep by J.E. Feldman.

  • Midnight Hollow and the other four books of the Witch Hunter Chronicles will be re-released once rewrites are completed. Each book will be considerably longer than the original versions. They will be mass released in late 2023/early 2024.

  • Fantasia is currently slated for a March release. This is the rewrite and extended version of The Faerikyn Apocalypse.

  • Of Death and Crowns has a tentative mid-2023 release. It's the first book in a trilogy named Royal Dragons: Sakiya. The set title sets it up for additional books based on secondary characters.

  • For a limited time, you can still pick up your copies of Dudes in Distress and A Song of Wings and Witchery.

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