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September Book Releases & Updates

New Releases

Five tales of dragons are included within this special Young Adult fantasy collection. The overall theme is dragons and features a sample of J.E. Feldman’s work. There are no triggers.


A time traveling grandma and her granddaughter discover the true cause behind the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

The Loch Legend

An orphaned teenager harboring a secret of her own discovers the Loch Ness legend is real, but can she trust her new family with the truth?


Vaccines made from dragon shifter blood turns the world into apocalyptic chaos and there’s no promise of surviving to see the next sunrise.

The Silver Cross

Trapped in a Virtual Reality fantasy game, a motley few join together to defeat the dragon boss, hopeful they can log out afterwards.

A Queen’s Reprisal

As a dragonkin royal, Sakiya must preserve the marriage alliance made to protect her people, but after her husband’s murder, what sacrifices will it take to restore peace?


Every Pack needs an Alpha...

In a pack, you answer to the Alpha, without question, but what happens when you don't want the job? Or when the other wolves are against you?

It's never easy being in charge, but for these Alpha Queens, it could prove deadly...

This collection of paranormal and urban fantasy tales explores the world of werewolf packs and female Alphas. Our heroines will face their deepest fears, darkest urges and terrible betrayals, but a Queen always comes out on top.

A Limited Edition Female Alpha Collection Featuring stories from - ★USAT Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory ★Lore Nicole ★Ashlee Sinn ★Diane Riggins ★Zelda Knight ★NYT Bestselling Author Zari Hunt ★Lindsay Evans ★Kat Gracey


She’ll do anything to save her son from the Fae King.

Norica fell in love with a Fae prince and they married, but her happily ever after fell short. After her son was born, the old Fae king was murdered and a brief fight for the throne ensued. Her husband ended up being the victor and was crowned king, but at the cost of her trust and their marriage.

Determined to protect their son from becoming like his treacherous father or from an untimely death, they escape from the Fae realm. Under disguises, Norica keeps them on the move and trusts very few. It’s not a healthy life, but at least they are together.

The Fae king tears apart human cities and villages looking for them over the years. Word of a massive reward spreads and a betrayal costs Norica everything. Until she’s given a second chance. Now, not even death can stop her.


A whirlwind of a night leaves Cass with awakened magic and an Alpha mate she doesn’t want.

Cass just exited a bad relationship, which pours fuel onto the flames of her insomniac and depressive tendencies. She's unable to resist her hot new neighbor after he protects her, but there's something inhuman about him. After spending a passionate night together, Cass discovers she has changed too.

With some guidance from her quirky best friend, they must navigate murky waters while Cass insists she's not ready for a relationship.


There is more after death.

When Maya dies as a young child, she trains in Heaven with her guardian angel. She wants to earn her wings and become an Archein: a warrior angel. Her greatest wish is to discover the location of Zephon where exiled traitors find refuge. Such a feat would put her on the same playing field as her boyfriend and could make her irreplaceable to the Archangels.

Not everything is as it seems.

Maya’s boyfriend commits a First-Tier crime and an Archangel zeroes in on her with foul intentions. Two deaths force her guardian angel’s hand and he sends her through a one-way portal. She finds herself in the very place she’s been looking for. Zephon.

And the Archangels have misled everyone since the beginning.

Quest of Angels is a sci-fi fantasy with a dash of romance. It is the first of a duet, with Malice of Angels as the sequel.


Not all fairytales have happy endings. That’s the truth. If anything is thought otherwise, be wary. Those people are delusional and live in their own little worlds, always thinking the best of everyone despite the blatant reality surrounding them.

Who am I to tell you this? How could I possibly be so judgmental or downright hateful? I live in the real world, sweetheart. Where good doesn’t always triumph evil, the princesses find out their prince charmings are gay, and life keeps moving on whether the lost princess takes back the throne or dies trying.


Yes, it sucks. That’s the essence of life. Still in denial? I’m immortal and have had the chance to witness many lives. The story stays the same all across the board.

I may as well get on with my story.

You can call me Nexa.

Don’t remember that name from fairy tales?

That’s because my real name is Snow White.


In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

Tell Me a Story by Michael Raff

The Butterfly Girl by Antoinette McCormick

Ashes to Ashes by Matthew Ross

Face Stealer by Charles Kyffhausen

The White by Andrew McAuley

Without Sarah by B.F. Vega

Artemia Nigercana by Douglas Allen Gohl

Peripheral by Douglas Allen Gohl

Whispers the Wind by Toni Mobley

Within the Dark by Toni Mobley

The Worst Thing in the Dark by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Graveyard Shift by E.B. Hunter

A Friend of Fear by Constantine E. Kiousis

One-Eyed Queens and Crocodile Teeth by Alexis Cunningham

Jane Doe by Katie Jordan

A Real Nightmare by Maya Moes

Sleeping Beauty by Jodie Francis

The Darkest Night by L.V. Gaudet

Just Another Job by J.E. Feldman


Book Updates

  • The sequel to Of Death and Crowns is being worked on. Once the trilogy is complete, it will be rapid released.

  • Malice of Angels is with betas for a final look before it goes to ARC readers.

  • Fantasia release is delayed due to the Quest of Angels duology.

  • Preorder A Song of Wings and Witchery hosted by Iron Faerie Publishing. It's a limited edition anthology featuring Hunted by J.E. Feldman and will publish in late October.

  • Don't forget to order Alpha Queen while it is still available! This limited edition anthology is a paranormal romance compiled by S.K. Gregory and features The Alpha Witch by Zari Hunt.

  • After lack of communication, organization and other red flags, Zari Hunt has dropped out of the Unwanted limited edition anthology compiled by Panthera Publications.

  • Haunt is a horror anthology by Dragon Soul Press that just released. This features Just Another Job by J.E. Feldman. A disgruntled, middle-aged Robert Cline got the short end of the stick in his nasty divorce. He accepts a janitorial job at a research facility that is deadlier than he bargained for.

  • Beautiful Darkness: Volume 1 is a horror anthology by Dragon Soul Press that's available for preorder and releases on October 30th. This features You Have a Choice by J.E. Feldman. Monster hunters arrive too late to help local law enforcement fend off an attack. As the duo investigates the gruesome scene, one stumbles across a deadly secret. He’s given the choice of a quick death or a hunt through the dark forest. Can he survive?

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