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August Book Releases & Updates

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Nowhere is safe.

Assassins who are paid well, blackmailed, or are repaying debts as they hunt face more challenges than anticipated. The worst crime is growing attached to their target or sympathizing with their cause. Each assassin’s journey is entirely unique in these eleven dark tales.

Featuring stories from Victoria Azzi, L.N. Hunter, Charles Kyffhausen, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Fulvio Gatti, Edgar Mahaffey, Gray Stanback, Jennifer Strassel, Douglas Allen Gohl, Paula Gail Benson, and Frank Sawielijew.


Book Updates

  • Fifteen drabbles will be featured in The Damned drabbles anthology from Dragon Soul Press. Release date is Sept. 23.

  • Thirst for Knowledge by J.E. Feldman is featured in the To Hunt and To Hold anthology from Dragon Soul Press. After seeing human nature unfold identically over the centuries, a cursed librarian must thwart all future sieges, even if the blood of entire families will be on her hands. Release date is Sept. 30.

  • Ambition by J.E. Feldman is featured in the Beautiful Darkness: V2 anthology by Dragon Soul Press. A woman desperately wants more time to read and hunts for a vampire that will grant her immortality, but she's tricked into eternal servitude. Release date is Oct. 30.

  • Trials of a Modern Witch has been subbed to the upcoming Magick & Mystery anthology by Dragon Soul Press. When a middle-aged witch finally finds time to date, she returns to find her cafe burned to the ground and her Faerie friend kidnapped. Will they find out who is responsible and organize a rescue in time?

  • J.E. Feldman upcoming solo releases: Hidden Power (Oct. 3rd), Thirst (Oct. 31st), Fiendish (Nov. 23), Meant To Be (Dec. 23), Of Death and Crowns #1 (TBA 2024), Of Poison and Ashes #2 (TBA 2024), Of Deceit and Chains (TBA 2024)

  • Zari Hunt upcoming solo releases: Wolf Song #1 (TBA 2024), Wolf Soul #2 (TBA 2024)

  • Feldman and Vanessa Bane upcoming releases: The Colors of the Body: TBC #2 (Nov. 2023), Lost Wishes (TBA 2024), Summer Dreams (TBA 2024)

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