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January Book Releases & Updates

Bestselling Authors J.E. Feldman and Vanessa Bane present The Thorns and Roses Poetry Collection. It focuses on the daily emotions we all tend to face in our day-to-day lives. These authors have included a handful of fantasy poems that showcase fierce determination and beautiful destinations of the world.


Adventure awaits…

Free fall into exciting worlds full of dragons and heroes. Dragons come face-to-face with meddlesome humans. Hunters seek revenge for fiery destruction. Some want to live in peace while some crave to make others quake with fear.

Can the vicious cycle of misunderstanding be broken?

Featuring stories by Francesco Parisi, Annie Snow, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Edgar Mahaffey, Sean E. Britten, K.A. Masters, S.E.M. Ishida, Rose McClary, Daividh Eideard Mitchell, Iren Adams, Charles Kyffhausen, Ryan Brinson, and J.E. Feldman.


Two hundred years after Shadow Blossom…

Roran Silvervale has been tasked with mapping the geographical and political changes to Arbedenion in lieu of the elves’ return. It’s been two centuries since magic ruled the realm and it’s nothing more than fireside tales to most of the populace.

Along his journey, he comes across the small town of Redvine in flames. Locals blame a dragon that has taken up residence in the Klorntooth Caves. Curiosity gets the better of him and he chooses to investigate.

What Roran discovers alters the entire course of his journey. Can he survive a fiery fate?


Book Updates

  • Preorder anthologies: Digital Love | Across Time | Fallen | Flowers for You

  • The Royal Thief is nearing completion and will be published in April. This novella takes place in Enamyre. The queen's thief is tasked with kidnapping a person, a task completely out of her league.

  • Colosseum has been accepted to Across Time anthology with Dragon Soul Press. Recently orphaned Maribel chooses to escape through her family's heirloom, but puts her life on the line advocating for dragon rights.

  • Angelic Reaper will be in the Fallen anthology with Dragon Soul Press. When Gloria is assigned a fallen angel to train as a reaper, their personalities clash and it has little to do with their age differences.

  • Rogue has been accepted to The Hunt anthology with Dragon Soul Press. Rogue begrudgingly takes a job with a bounty that's too good to be true. He ends up crossing paths with a hunter from his past and tensions soar.

  • J.E. Feldman upcoming solo releases: Angel of Death (March 31), Rogue of the North (May 15), Watery Graves (June 7), Collateral Damage (Oct. 15), A Glimpse of Death (Oct. 31), Time After Time (Nov. 10), Red Ghost (Dec. 7), Of Death and Crowns #1 (TBA 2024)

  • Feldman and Vanessa Bane upcoming releases: Stars & Flames #2 (Feb. 20), Fury & Ruin #3 (March 20), Lost Wishes (July 16), Summer Dreams (July 23), Hottie in a Bottle (Nov. 30)

  • Zari Hunt upcoming solo releases: Scarlet's Wolves (TBA 2024), Wolf Song #1 (TBA 2025), Wolf Soul #2 (TBA 2026)

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