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July Book Releases & Updates

From pirates battling sea spirits to ongoing futuristic wars. Sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost. As these characters weave through their own adventures, their honor may be questioned. But what would you give to live to see another day? This anthology focuses on East Asian warriors.

Featuring stories by A.N. Myers, Belinda Crawford, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Edgar Mahaffey, Bethany van Sterling, and Lillian Csernica.


Treasure is within reach.

Nineteen original tales of swashbuckling glory are at your fingertips in this anthology. From pirates lured into traps, treasure hunting gone wrong, and epic battles on the open sea. From vengeful ghosts to gruesome mutinies. Living on the edge comes with high costs.

Featuring stories by Paulene Turner, James Romag, Maeve A. Baird, Matthew Fryer, Isa Ottoni, Bianca Breen, Charles Kyffhausen, Allison Tebo, Douglas Allen Gohl, Edgar Mahaffey, Jennifer Strassel, Stephen A. Roddewig, Robert Allen Lupton, K. Anders, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Melody Bowles, and C.L. Hart.


Book Updates

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