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Quest of Angels

There is more after death.

          When Maya dies as a young child, she trains in Heaven with her guardian angel. She wants to earn her wings and become an Archein: a warrior angel. Her greatest wish is to discover the location of Zephon where exiled traitors find refuge. Such a feat would put her on the same playing field as her boyfriend and could make her irreplaceable to the Archangels.

Not everything is as it seems.

          Maya’s boyfriend commits a First-Tier crime and an Archangel zeroes in on her with foul intentions. Two deaths force her guardian angel’s hand and he sends her through a one-way portal. She finds herself in the very place she’s been looking for. Zephon.

And the Archangels have misled everyone since the beginning.


NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This series was originally trunked in 2018. It debuted as a duology in late 2022. Due to the time gap from creation to publication, my writing style has drastically changed. These books do not reflect my progress.

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