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          When not penning the next novel, J.E. Feldman focuses on mentoring authors and raising money for charity. The literature world is merely one facet of her life. Feldman haunts car shows, anime conventions, medieval fairs, and whatever else catches her attention.

          She enjoys road trips ripe with history, crocheting blankets for the homeless, and can be found reading in cramped bookstores.


          As a book lover who was never satisfied by the unrealistic happily ever afters, Zari Hunt began writing fan fiction. When her unique work grew in popularity, she began the long journey of crafting her own stories.

          Hunt is an introvert and draws inspiration for her characters' worlds by kayaking, hiking, and enjoying other outdoor activities. She collects colorful artwork, stickers, and bookmarks from indie artists.

The Balance Poetry Collection


J.E. Feldman
Zari Hunt